Plantain & Banana Stakeholders Plan Inaugural Meeting for August 13


Over the years, Nigeria has been one of the highest producers of plantain and banana yet this noble produce has never been exported, production remained irrational as its either too much in the market at some times causing glut and wastage or very scarce at other times becoming expensive.

There is no clear policy from the government on the industry though individuals have embarked on massive campaign for increase in production and the potentials in the industry, government has played negligible role in the production, processing and marketing of the crop that has been tagged has the third staple food in the country. Cooperatives and associations on these crops are hardly heard or known.

It is out of passion for these crops and the huge potential the industry can impact on the economy of the country especially now that its struggling that this association is founded to create a new course and way forward.

The aims and objectives of this association are:

1. To organise all existing and intending plantain and banana farmers, processors and marketers.
2. To provide a forum or avenue where members can speak with one voice.
3. To set and improve the standard of production, processing and marketing of plantain and banana which are given to the public, ensure even distribution of produce and maintain fair price profitable to stakeholders and convenient for buyers.
4. To improve plantain and banana industry education at all levels throughout the federation.
5. To participate in planning, policy making and administration of plantain and banana industry at all levels of government.
6. To provide a forum whereby understanding, fellowship and unity can be achieved and maintained at all times amongst all members of plantain and banana industry stakeholders.
7. To raise the status of plantain and banana industry, seek loans, grants and incentives from government, non governmental organisations, financial institutions and international donors.
8. To extend protection:- legal or otherwise.
9. To uphold the international standard of cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing of plantain and banana to facilitate exportation and balance of trade.
10. To affiliate with All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) and or fraternize with any other association relevant to plantain and banana industry in Nigeria and international bodies with similar aims and objectives.
11. To establish and maintain good relationship with members of the public, other commodity associations and all levels of government.
12. To establish and maintain good relationship with plantain and banana industry stakeholders in Africa, Commonwealth and other parts of the world.
13. To operate benefit schemes for the members as may be decided by the National Executive council from time to time.
So, if you are an existing or intending plantain and or banana farmer, processor or marketer, make it a date with us for the inuagural meeting of the association on August 13th, 2016.

For more inquiry call 08167434244, you can also drop your number and first name to join the whatsapp forum.

BY- Adeniyi Bunmi


NOAN Launches the Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Initiative in Nigeria


Launch of the EOI in Ibadan Nigeria

Launch of the EOI in Ibadan Nigeria

The Nigeria Organic Agriculture Network (NOAN) on Wednesday 26th of February 2014 launched the Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Initiative in Nigeria. The Initiative was launched during

the organisation’s 2014 Inception Meeting held in Ibadan and I was privilege to attend.

The meeting had present stakeholders from various organisations both private and public, farmer groups, media, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to mention a few.

During the press briefing, Adeoye of NOAN explains that organic agriculture combines traditional, innovative and science based method that benefits the farmers not only in terms of high yield and better livelihood but also the environment they live. He further highlighted that the objective of the EOA will includes.
I. Create awareness and communicate appropriate information on all aspects of organic agriculture to all stakeholders
II. Promote the adoption of the science and practice of ecological organic agriculture in the agricultural system of Nigeria
III. Ensure that ecological organic practitioners observe standards and procedures that meet the universal best practices in organic agriculture
IV. Consistently provide education and training that promote capacity building and skill enhancement in organic agriculture practices
V. Promote agricultural transformation agenda by adopting ecological organic agriculture practice in Nigeria’s agricultural systems
VI. Address and eliminate any perceived difficulties and barriers to engendering harmony and inclusive practices among stakeholders
VII. Establish monitoring and evaluation system that consistently leads to effectiveness and desirable outcome in organic practices
VIII. Interact with international bodies on organic agriculture related issues.

The EOA is currently been operated in 8 countries in Africa namely Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zambia and now Nigeria. The initiative has funding from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation through the

and also Bio vision Africa Network.

NOAN at the launch of the event also invites all interested stakeholder to reach out to help promote and implement the initiative so as to achieve the goal of ensuring that ecological organic agriculture is mainstream into National Agriculture Systems of Nigeria by 2020.

To Contact NOAN
Room 25, Department of Agronomy,
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry,
University of Ibadan, Nigeria.