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  1. hi, are you an ex-futarian? which set? I would like to know, were you only taught one course or is one allowed to combine eg animal husbandry and crop production with same fee or would I have to pay for the two courses?


    1. Hello Bukola.
      The fee you pay covers for the courses you take. So you can combine. As a matter of fact when you make payment you get a form where you select the sections that interests you. And yes i graduated from Futa


  2. My name is Bamidele olofinjana.please I want to when the next of the training is taking place this year because I want to enrol for a can call me +2348130231109 send me your contact as well.


  3. My name is Bamidele olofinjana.I would to enrol for the school program.would like to know when the enrollment is.please +2348130231109.can I get your contact.


  4. Good day Mr Ojo, please how can you help us to start up an agric business. We are currently a finace company but we we want to diversify into Farming business we dont know anything about. Please advice


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