MD Farmcentre Africa Assists Young People in Poultry Management


The Managing Director Farmcentre Africa Omonfuegbe Odianosen is assisting young people willing to go into poultry farming in the technicalities of the poultry farm management
He said this in an interview with Agropreneur Naija recently
He said that its important that young people learn how they can feed the nation and Africa as a whole

Odianosen said he made the right decision when he decided to go into agribusiness during his youth service

IMG-20140430-00164He said “In 2008, during my NYSC in the military barracks in Bauchi state, I fell in love with a Major’s wife’s poultry farm and she gave me some firsthand information I needed to get before setting up one. But I started full farming in 2010.Although my dad was working with the Ministry of Agriculture. But the passion growing up for livestock farming wasn’t there until 2008 in Bauchi state”

He continued by saying that he started his farm with 100k. “I was able to buy 200 birds with the 100k and my farm has grown to 1,650birds and we’re expecting close to 1,000 DOC at the moment.

He also said there have been challenges especially as banks don’t encourage agribusiness and the young people should not relent in their efforts to achieve their aims

The geography and regional planning graduate said youths should also avail and keep abreast of trainings and workshops both national and international as well as buying books and surfing the internet as that is some of the resources he uses to grow his farm


Read the full interview here





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