Learning is Engagement

Engaging all necessary parties and fractions in ensuring better outcome in ARD

The FARA Social Reporters Blog

How do we learn? According to psychologist David Kolb, through experience. Kolb is the founder of the experiential theory of learning which says learning is, “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience [and] results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience.”

How many of us truly love “grasping and transforming experience”?

For researchers trying to get from outputs to outcomes, one way to grasp experience is set up an ‘engagement platform’. In general terms, an engagement platform is an opportunity for individuals and people representing organizations with different backgrounds and interests to come together to diagnose problems, identify opportunities and implement solutions. We say ‘opportunity’ because an engagement platform is not a committee and you can never be sure what’s going to emerge from the grasping and transforming.

Over the past ten years, the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) has used engagement…

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